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Vow to Vote: Voter Registration DEADLINE Today

By: Ashley Smithson


(Can you hear us cheering from here?)

Regardless of how you vote, making your voice heard is what matters most in a thriving democracy and educating yourself. Learning more about each issue and voting how you think is what matters! We’ve done our research on Amendment 3 and it's not perfect. Amendments never are. They are full of compromises. Whether this was your chosen Marijuana initiative or not, this is the Amendment that collected enough signatures to successfully make it to November’s ballot. One of the things 3SD particularly appreciates about Amendment 3 is it keeps Cannabis governed by the Department of Health and Human Services rather than ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms).

Whether you plan to vote yes or no, we hope you vote! Your voter registration deadline is TODAY. Take note of these important deadlines:

If you need help registering to vote in Missouri


Something to keep in mind:

We've learned ballots read like marketing material. Purposefully written to encourage voters one way or another. Management at 3SD encourages everyone to do their research on all (not just Marijuana) ballot initiatives and running candidates before any upcoming election. As many already know, there is an initiative regarding cannabis that will be on the ballots this November called Amendment 3 aka Legal 22. Many people will be impacted by voters regardless of its success so knowing how your vote will make an impact is a vital step in your duty as a voter.

Sadly, as you know, politics are always involved meaning there are often many special interest groups funding misinformation campaigns on either side of any controversial issue. While ending the prohibition of cannabis is a very important issue to any of us impacted by the plant, how it is done is just as important. To help our readers navigate all of the information being presented we've provided links below. One thing to keep in mind, your state and local representatives are your hired employees. It is their office's job to provide you, the voter with all of the tools you need to do your duty. Find your here and contact them for help breaking down the 30+ pages of the initiative!

Research resources:

  • Missouri Secretary of State's Website - Free of marketing language and fluff here are the facts as listed on the Missouri Secretary of State's website. (This is a great resource for all amendments). Read the scanned copy of the entire initiative. Deemed "lengthy" by lawmakers. While you are doing your homework, you will find sites containing support and opposition. We encourage you to read both but the amendment itself is the best place to find just the facts. Remember, no amendment is perfect.

"In truth, whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." - Lord Chesterfield of England

Voting is a privilege. If you choose to do it, you'll do a better job if you’re informed. If you have questions about specifics, we encourage you to reach out to your local representatives, the representatives supporting the amendment AND those opposing. 3SD encourages everyone to vote! If you'd like help figuring out how to register to vote, I’d be happy to help! Please email Ashley with 3SD Community Engagement at

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