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  • Danielle Morrison

Series: A Medical Marijuana User’s Guide to Patient Responsibility (Part II)

What does it take to be a "good" medical marijuana patient? Read on to learn more about our recommendations for the responsible use of cannabis products.

5. Know Your Purchase & Possession Limits

Qualifying Patients may purchase (or get purchased on their behalf by their caregiver) up to four ounces of dried, unprocessed marijuana, or its equivalent in a thirty-day period; and may only possess up to a 60-day supply. Some patients apply and qualify for more.

Dispensaries may sell seeds to a patient that has a Patient Cultivation card; but dispensaries are not allowed to sell clones or any marijuana plants at any stage of development.

6. Respect Patient Privacy

For privacy purposes, we prohibit loitering, children, and photos/videos inside of 3SD. No one under the age of 18 is permitted. Fur-babies are welcome, they cannot go to school and say they saw their teacher at 3rd Street Dispensary.

Your privacy is taken seriously. 3SD’s policy and Agent training contains strict Code of Conduct, including HIPAA, confidentiality, common courtesy, anti-gossip polices, along with measures to protect our digital networks, surveillance, and data.

7. Understand the Laws Around Cannabis

Help yourself by knowing the laws associated with your Patient or Caregiver Card. Marijuana users should be well informed about its effects on themselves and others; and these effects include both legal and health risks, and personal consequences. Here are a few helpful highlights of marijuana regulations, keep in mind this list is not all inclusive:

  • If a Patient (or Caregiver) cardholder violates the regulations, the DHSS can revoke their Patient Card and the legal permissions to access or possess marijuana.

  • Keep your card on you when you are in possession of marijuana; and know your possession limits.

  • It is illegal to share or sell your medical marijuana. Your medication is for you and you only.

  • If you lose your card or it gets stolen, the state says to report it within 2 days. Your card can be revoked if it is used by someone else other than you without you reporting it.

  • All marijuana is required to be stored in or with its original packaging.

  • 3SD has the lawful obligation and moral duty to report concerning behaviors and refuse a sale in the event of suspected violations. Attempted theft or theft, suspicion of diversion by selling your medicine, sharing your medicine, signs of drug abuse or addiction, public consumption are some reportable or concerning examples.

  • No qualifying patient who is under the care of a primary caregiver may serve as a primary caregiver for another qualifying patient; and no individual can serve as a primary caregiver for more than three qualifying patients.

  • Dispensaries can only sell Missouri grown marijuana or Missouri manufactured marijuana products from Missouri licensed facilities, and those facilities are required to lab test products. While this may have added time to the initial supply and access to marijuana, it does provide trust-worthy products and safety assurances unlike potentially tainted street or I-gotta-guy products.

  • Consume in the safety of your home, as public consumption is illegal. For this purpose and your safety, 3SD is classified as public in support of MODOT’s efforts to prevent impaired driving. “Drive High, Get a DUI.”

  • You can and should read more of the Marijuana Regulations, particularly pertinent to Patient Cards at

8. Consider Purchasing in Smaller Amounts

Here’s why:

Bulk purchases are commonly tempting due to its perception of providing a monetary savings, but it is not always the best value until you’ve found and established your projected dosage and usages, as well as your favorite strains and methods. We can certainly appreciate larger purchases, but not at your expense on a product that doesn’t provide you your favorite effect and optimal relief. In summary, 3SD encourages you to buy in quantities that you know you will use and like.

The law does not permit dispensaries to accept returns on opened products, even if it is opened while you are in the dispensary. This is another good reason to establish what you like or works best first.

It is 3SD’s policy to not accept any product returns, opened or not, because we cannot guarantee the safety or honor the integrity of the product once it leaves our premises. If you are unhappy or experiencing trouble with a purchase, we still want to hear from you and help you troubleshoot.

3SD does accept take-backs for disposal purposes. This is different than a return. A take-back is a process where you need to return a product for safe disposal, in cases when the medication is no longer needed or expired, or if the patient’s card is invalid, expired, or revoked, or the patient has moved out of state or passed, etc. The state has specific procedures for discarding marijuana products, including reporting and transportation to discard it. Call us if you need help or guidance in the disposal process or the disposal itself.


A Medical Marijuana User’s Guide to Patient Responsibility is a three-part blog series brought to you by 3rd Street Dispensary, intended to help you prepare for a smooth cannabis experience from the dispensary to home. Follow us on social media for updates on the release of part three — coming soon!

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