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  • Danielle Morrison

Series: A Medical Marijuana User’s Guide to Patient Responsibility (Part I)

What does it take to be a "good" medical marijuana patient? We've outlined 11 easy-to-follow steps for you to be a confident cannabis consumer. Read on to learn more about our first few recommendations for the responsible use of cannabis products.

1. Ask Questions

Ask as many as you like. The more you ask, the more you share, the better we can help understand your needs and desires. Your 3SD Budtender Agent [Product Specialist] will be happy to answer your questions.

2. Be Open & Honest

Our Budtender Consultation Stations were purposely designed for your comfort and privacy in mind, like chatting around a kitchen island talking shop (or pot). But if you require more privacy for your comfort, simply ask your Budtender Agent for the consultation room.

3. Understand the Role of a Dispensary

3rd Street Dispensary is a medical marijuana dispensary. This means we are qualified and licensed to dispense; it’s important to understand that our agents, including our pharmacist, are not doctors.

3SD Agents are not permitted by law or 3SD policy to prescribe patient cards, to prescribe marijuana, or allowed to give medical advice. Our Agents are allowed, along with qualified and eager, to help you select the best marijuana product to fit your need(s).

During each of your 3SD consultation experiences, together, we will discover exactly what you are hoping to achieve with marijuana to guide you accordingly. It is imperative that you talk with all your doctors for medical advice, to discuss your conditions, medications, and marijuana interactions with medications.

4. Always Have Your Patient Card

You'll need to have a qualifying Patient or Caregiver card on you to purchase marijuana at a dispensary, and always when in possession of marijuana.

Only the qualifying patient and primary caregiver cardholders and, if requested by a qualifying patient, up to two additional persons to support the patient (minimum of 18 yrs old) may enter the secure sales area beyond the dispensary’s lobby. ID’s must be original, unaltered, active, and in good legible condition. Expired or copies are not accepted.


A Medical Marijuana User’s Guide to Patient Responsibility is a three-part blog series brought to you by 3rd Street Dispensary intended to help you prepare for a smooth cannabis experience from the dispensary to home. Follow us on social media for updates on the release of parts two and three — coming soon!


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