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  • 3rd Street Dispensary

A Live Life Good Message: Keeping Children and Pets Safe

In hearing the news this morning about the rise of children accidentally consuming edible marijuana medicines, please allow us to share a couple Missouri medical marijuana regulations designed to keep everyone safe.

•Dispensaries and medical marijuana facilities are required to package marijuana in child resistant containers, and patients are required to store their marijuana medicine in its original packaging. This helps make it more difficult for children to open packaging. In fact, it's so good even adults can struggle with the packaging!

• Regulations do not allow edible marijuana medicine to be shaped in a manner to entice children, such as animal shapes like gummy bears. To kids, even plain geometric square shapes can look like candy (remember Tide pods). Please, as with all medicines or supplies, keep out of access of children and pets.

•When the time is right for you and your family, consider having a talk with your children about your medicine. They might also be relieved it’s not “the talk”.

Please read our Guide to Patient Responsibility to learn more about regulations and what you can do to be the most responsible patient you can be. You can read it here or in our lobby at the dispensary. We want everyone to Live Life Good!

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