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3SD Celebrates Croptober and Missouri pride with Rural Route Hemp Co.

By: Ashley Smithson

Ask any crop farmer in Missouri and they will tell you about the many challenges they face growing anything outdoors. From unpredictable weather, humid summers, freezing winters and pest challenges there are many climate related growing pains for outdoor farmers across the country. In cannabis, these pains and the history of outdoor growing in the US are celebrated every "Croptober". Farmers across the country take a chance in October to enjoy the fruits of their labor and celebrate overcoming many challenges.

The team at 3SD had the pleasure of celebrating Croptober this year with the family behind Rural Route Hemp Co by MoCann Extracts. Brother and sister led team, Michelle and Luke Poindexter and their family-run business hosted the 3SD crew during harvest and shared all about the unique challenges they've faced growing outdoor hemp in Missouri.

Ashley Smithson, Michelle Poindexter, Mary Anne Westhues, Amber H. and daughter, Cheryl Annen, Kat Annen, Crystal Sudduth, Brody Burgdorf, Jason V., Chris H., Luke Poindexter, Daryl Poindexter

When Michelle and Luke talked their parents into adding some hemp fields to their farm, outside of Archie, Missouri the family faced some judgement from neighbors, other farmers and the local communities. Now, several years later, father, Daryl, has a smaller plot he uses to experiment on each season seeing what soil the plants like and lovingly refers to the trichomes that grow on the plant as "crystals". Daryl, like so many, come to cannabis thinking one thing and are quickly taught so much more by the plant and those closest to it. Education is at the core of what Rural Route does. During the tour of their fields, Michelle helped 3SD staff identify pests and helped staff select and clip individual buds ready for harvest. Luke explained the challenges they face in their commitment to using only organic and safe pest-prevention products.

Following the fields, the 3SD team was introduced to their harvesting system called a "bucker". Everyone from 3SD took turns working all of the positions and getting hands literally dirty with the sticky trichomes or "crystals" off of the deliciously smelling plant.

Daryl and his wife shared more about what they've learned in their many years farming and more recent endeavor into hemp over a large lunch of homegrown burgers and recipe-protected cookies (including to-go cookies!).

There doesn't seem to be a much better way to spend an afternoon celebrating Croptober. From touring the fields, learning about the differences of CBD grows and THC grows, bucking the harvest, seeing (and smelling) the drying room, visiting the family home and getting massive lap snuggles from the farm dogs, Coda, Oscar and Hank, an appreciation for the effort grew. Harvest is a time to celebrate!

Hopefully everyone is able to take a moment and celebrate Croptober surrounded by your people, committed to the beauty of this plant and the medicine we are able to make from its harvest.

"Croptober" at Rural Route Video

3SD @ Rural Route - September 25, 2022

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