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Express Pickup and Delivery reserved for Missouri medical marijuana patients until the excitement of legalization/opening up the recreational market dies down.

Thank you for your patience!


How to Order Online with 3rd Street Dispensary

The Details 

What you need to know


Online orders can only be placed by patients already in our system. This means you must first visit us in person to allow us to verify your identity and put you in our system. At this same time, we’ll see if you qualify for any discounts, and we are happy to assist you with online payment.



Enter your personal information EXACTLY as it appears on your government-issued ID and Patient Card. The slightest typo will result in delays. You can place orders up to 2 days (48 hours) ahead of the scheduled time. This helps us ensure product availability and fairness for online and in-store orders. 



Orders must be paid in advance. We are unable to process debit or credit cards at this time due to the regulations and ridiculous marijuana drug classification, but we do accept Paytender or 3SD Gift Cards as payment for online orders. Paytender is similar to how PayPal or Venmo works. You can find Paytender instructions on our website or you can call us for assistance, too. 

Paytender Payments

Accepted electronically, through a link texted to you, at the mobile number you've provided us in our system.

3SD Gift Card Payments

Processed by phone call. Simply call us IMMEDIATELY upon receiving the payment request to give us your gift card information.

It is highly recommended to submit your payment as soon as you receive the payment request text from us. Your products are not reserved or fulfilled until your payment is submitted. You risk product sell-out the longer the delay. Unpaid orders will be canceled after 4 hours of requesting payment.


Discounts and some specials are not reflected in your online total when you place your order. Don’t worry – we will adjust the specials and apply your eligible discounts before sending you your payment link text. *Note: eligible discounts must already be noted in our system prior to placing an order. You can learn more about our Community Engagement discounts like Acts of Service or Medicare by visiting us in-store or reading about our Community Engagement Program.


The purchasing patient/caregiver cardholder must be present at the time of delivery or pickup of online orders AND you must show your government-issued ID and Patient/Caregiver card. Nobody else (except your MMJ card-holding Caregiver) can accept the product on your behalf.



We understand life happens and you may miss a pickup or delivery window. Please understand that no-shows take time to cancel and refund. As such, habitual offenders can lose online ordering privileges. If you are not present at the time of your delivery/pickup window, your order will be canceled. You can expect a refund in the same manner as paid, less the amount of the delivery fee.


Express Pickup orders not picked up are canceled and refunded the next business day, less a $5 no-show fee. Please note that electronic refunds can take a few business days to post - this is out of our hands.



We will do our best to accommodate your requested delivery time window and we’ll call you when we’re on our way. We promise not to make you wait forever like at the DMV!



Our delivery span is approximately 15 miles and further in some cases, so we may reach rural communities and neighborhoods as well.


$10 - with a minimum order of $100

FREE - with purchase of $400 or more​

Veteran’s Community Project - free delivery every Friday

John Knox Village — free delivery every Tuesday 

The delivery fee mentioned above does not go to the Driver — it helps us provide this service without increasing the price of marijuana. It also helps us pay for the costly vehicle regulatory requirements like surveillance and security cameras. We believe you’ll agree paying for delivery separately is a fairer way for us to cover these expenses instead of making products more costly to you.


Tips are never expected. If you’d like to tip, please know that our Transportation Agents (Drivers) keep 100% of their received tips. You can count on the same level of quality service, regardless of tipping.

Thank you for choosing 3rd Street Dispensary and a local small business. We’re truly honored to serve you.

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