Meet the 3SD Managers

Brody Burgdorf


Brody is the general manager at 3SD. He’s an animal lover, an all-around good guy, and most importantly to you, he’s primarily credited for our marijuana selection and education. He loves everything marijuana – inspecting, purchasing, researching, growing, consulting, and talking.


Brody is a quiet man, a man of few words, until you start talking shop (as in pot). This passion fed and continually nurtures his knowledge (and others) of marijuana.

Brody is life-long cannabis lover, first discovering the benefits in adolescence. As if the challenges of adolescence aren’t enough, throw in OCD and anxiety, and sprinkle in some common undesired effects of Rx drugs on top of it. It was a lot to deal with. In looking for a change, Brody discovered marijuana and quickly appreciated it, helping transform his ‘analyzing’ personality into something functional rather than debilitating, paralyzing, or personality suppression.

When Brody isn’t working at 3SD, you’ll likely find him with his dog, playing and enjoying strategy-based video games (explains his love for Bridge in the 3rd grade), or busy nurturing his ‘crops’, researching marijuana, and listening to cannabis-based podcasts. (We told you – everything marijuana!)

Needless to say, 3SD feels lucky to have him and know him.

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Kathryn Annen


Kathryn is the Dispensary Manager at 3SD, and a Kansas City native. After graduating from BSS and Johnson County Community College, she spent some time in NC before returning to her roots in Lee’s Summit. She came back to obtain a degree in psychology motivated by a strong desire to help others.

Kathryn was a social worker before joining the team to open 3rd Street Dispensary. She never imagined this is where her degree would take her, especially since she used to get grounded as a teenager for smoking pot!! Her psychology skills, social work experience and 3SD has turned out to be the perfect combination to feed her desire of helping others.

When Kathryn isn’t working, you can find her hanging out at home with her fiancée’ (or listening to him yell at the TV during football), loving on her two gorgeous cats, and planning their wedding.

She loves being with family, art, tattoos, crafting, cats and dogs. An animal lover, you’ll sometimes hear her say “why do we label as one, why can’t one be both dog and cat lover??” She’s right, right?