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Locally Owned & Operated

meet the founders of 3rd street dispensary

Pictured L to R: Cheryl Annen, Tom Annen, Mary Ann Westhues, Mark Westhues, Dr. Eileen Rowe

5 people looking at camera smiling

Pictured above, L to R: Cheryl & Tom Annen, Mary Ann & Mark Westhues, Dr. Eileen Rowe

"We are in the people business serving pot, not the other way around."

- Cheryl Annen



We first met as neighborly neighbors do. Fast forward to our coming together one day to discuss marijuana — now there's an icebreaker. We hit it off immediately, recognizing our compatibility and destined-like partnership. We went to work right away on applying for our dispensary license and looking for a location for our future business.​

With three women founders, this makes us a majority women-owned (and the husband partners love it) business. Between the five of us, we have the experience of a military police veteran, a doctor, an anesthesiologist nurse, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs on board. What a combo — we believe that our many differences and commonalities truly enhance our team!

We share the experiences of dealing with public health, upholding safety standards, and running businesses. However, equally important to us in our mission is the fact that we share the same principles, family values, and vision for what we want to bring to our community through the 3rd Street Dispensary.

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