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When will 3rd Street Dispensary open?

Since our dispensary license was approved in January, we've been hard at work to get things up and running. Construction of our building is complete up and the interior of our space should was completed mid-summer. We anticipate our final commencement inspection will happen very soon. While some variables outside of our control make it difficult to provide an exact grand opening date, we're confident that we'll be ready as soon as quality products are available to offer our patients. We are currently awaiting the availability of quality cannabis products — instead of autoflower — for our future patients/guests. We remain hopeful that we'll be able to open sometime in November/early December, but are considering opportunities to showcase our dispensary prior to then. As details become clearer, we'll be sure to update our website and social media pages with the latest information. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

Is 3rd Street Dispensary hiring?

We have recently completed the hiring process for 2020, and have filled the positions we needed to open. You may submit your information through our application portal at any time for future consideration. Due to the high volume of applicants/interest, we appreciate your patience with us and prolonged response times. Please know that if you do not receive an immediate response, we are not ignoring you. We also ask that you please refrain from submitting multiple applications. Thank you! Click here to be directed to our application portal.

How much does it cost to get a medical marijuana patient identification card?

When applying for your patient I.D. card, there is a $25 fee for patients (and a $25 fee for caregivers) that must be paid when you submit your application. There is also a $25 renewal fee due after a year for each type of card you wish to renew. Patient cultivation is a separate $100 fee upon application and renewal. Please note that the fee for seeing a medical marijuana doctor before becoming eligible to apply is a separate cost that will vary per clinic.

What payment methods are accepted at 3rd Street Dispensary?

Due to the complexities of federal regulations and banking for medical marijuana dispensaries, 3rd Street Dispensary cannot accept credit card or debit card payments in-store at this time. However, we're working hard to secure alternative convenient payment solutions for our patrons. Forget to bring your cash or need more? No problem! There will be an ATM available for use onsite.

What services will your dispensary offer?

We are working to provide online ordering for express pickup and delivery services to local area patients. A pharmacist will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3SD patient/guest consultations for discussions regarding pharmaceutical drug interactions with medicinal marijuana.

What are your prices?

TBD... Sorry, but we don’t have prices for our cannabis products nailed down just yet. We recognize that they will be higher than you would typically find in other more mature markets, due to supply and demand. They're high for us too — but we expect that it should rebound for all as supply stabilizes. You can expect to find 3SD apparel and merchandise reasonably priced and available for purchase in the very near future.

Will your dispensary offer any discounts?

Yes. As part of our mission to Live Life Good, we want to help make medicinal marijuana more affordable and accessible to those in need. We have a few types of discounts that we'll offer and can apply to several different groups. Read more about the available discounts in our Community Engagement Program.

Will you sell seeds?

Yes. Well, we plan to, once they are available to us from our industry partners. However, please be aware that might not be right when we open. We do plan to carry seeds and a range of other products to support any patients/guests that wish to cultivate their own cannabis plants at home.


How do I send a message to 3rd Street Dispensary via email?

Click the link in our footer so you can send your message to the appropriate person.

What do I need to have to visit 3rd Street Dispensary?

Are there perks to being a repeat customer?

Definitely! 3rd Street Dispensary has a loyalty program for all patients/guests that wish to opt-in. We hope that you enjoy your 3SD experience and want to continue coming back to our dispensary. And if you do, we want to reward you for that! As a loyal patient/guest, you will earn points with every purchase that you can redeem for savings or other 3SD goodies. More details on this program coming very soon.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to visit?

Nope, come on by! All visits to 3rd Street Dispensary will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointments are necessary. In the early days after opening, we anticipate longer lines but it'll be worth the wait. You can choose to utilize online ordering for express pickup or delivery for your convenience.

Why should I buy from a dispensary?

Marijuana has been trafficked through the black market during its federal prohibition. As the movement to legalize marijuana has progressed and states have begun allowing access to marijuana for medicinal use (even to recreational in some cases), the cannabis consumer has benefitted in many ways. By purchasing from a dispensary, you are not only not breaking the law but also: you know what you're getting. The cannabis in our dispensary has been lab-tested for quality assurances, and the levels of THC present are transparent with each purchase.

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