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Frequently Asked Dispensary Questions

  • Do I still need a medical card to shop at 3rd Street Dispensary?
    Updated February 3, 2023: 3SD has been awarded their comprehensive dispensary license making them eligible to sell marijuana products to anyone over the age of 21 with a valid, government-issued ID that is NOT expired. Medical customers are still welcome and can expect some perks and benefits to having their card including a lower tax rate on products. Read through our Responsibility Guide for more helpful information.
  • When does Amendment 3 take effect?
    Legal possession took effect December 8th, 2022. Legal purchase by anyone over the age of 21 with a valid ID at 3SD took effect February, 3, 2023.
  • Why should I get — or keep — my medical card?
    Lower taxes is just one of many reasons. As much as 6% savings on tax easily pays for the card and physician fees. Also, medical cards will be valid for 3 years and allow you higher purchase and possession limits. In addition, patients can now receive their certification from nurse practitioners, and medical cards may provide you added protection regarding employment, parole, law enforcement, family court, etc. Read more about the many perks of getting or keeping your medical card in our Responsibility Guide by clicking below.
  • Why should I buy from a dispensary?
    Marijuana has been heavily trafficked through the black market during its federal prohibition. As the movement to legalize marijuana has progressed, and states have begun allowing access to marijuana for medicinal use (even to recreational in some cases), the cannabis consumer has benefitted in many ways. By purchasing from a medical marijuana dispensary, you are not only complying with Missouri state law, but also you're getting trusted product. Everything in our dispensary is lab-tested for quality assurances. Meaning, you can guarantee that there are no unknown — potentially fatal — additives (like fentanyl) and we are always ready to provide you the full disclosure on any product's contents. We're happy to give you this information!
  • How much does it cost to get a medical marijuana patient identification card?
    Patient or Caregiver I.D. When applying for your patient I.D. card, there is a fee for patients starting at $28* — and a separate fee for caregiver applicants, starting at $28* — that must be paid when you submit an application. * The cost of patient or caregiver applications are decided by the state, subject to change. Be sure to check the Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services website for the most current pricing. ** Please note that the fee for seeing a medical marijuana doctor before becoming eligible to apply is a separate cost that will vary per clinic. State Renewal Fee There is also a $25 renewal fee due, after a year, for each type of card you wish to renew. These fees are paid directly to the state, and subject to change. Patient Cultivation Patient cultivation includes a $100 fee upon application and renewal.
  • How much can I legally buy?
    Qualified MMMP patients are allowed to purchase up to 4 oz. (32 MMEs*) of compliant product per month.* = MME stands for Missouri Marijuana Equivalency Unit Adult or "Recreational" customers may purchase AND possess 3 ounces.
  • OMG I can't stop eating. What can I do to curb my appetite?
    Some strains can have this effect more than others. Your brain may be saying "I'm hungry" when you’re actually thirsty from the dehydrating effect of cannabis consumption. The best thing is to hydrate before and during medical marijuana use. A 3SD pro tip: Stock your fridge with healthy snacks for when the munchies are just too strong to fight.
  • Why do I feel nauseous?
    This is a common tell that you’ve over-consumed. Be sure to hydrate! And next time, lower your dose. We highly recommend using a cannabis journal to help you find your "sweet spot" with your medicine.
  • I'm taking other medication(s). Will cannabis use affect me differently?
    Yes. Before combining medications, it's important to speak with a health professional. 3rd Street Dispensary provides our patients/guests with access to an on-site pharmacist. Jude is available for COMPLIMENTARY consultations on Tuesdays (11am to 4pm) and Thursdays (4pm to 7pm) for discussions regarding pharmaceutical drug interactions with medicinal marijuana. If you're interested in speaking with Jude, we suggest calling to confirm her attendance prior to your visit.
  • Do I need to have a patient card to visit 3rd Street Dispensary?
    No! As of February 3, 2023 3SD is legally allowed to sell marijuana products to adults over the age of 21 with a valid, government-issued, unexpired ID. Medical patients are still welcome and will need their ID as well as their patient card to purchase under their medical account. Medical patients are also allowed to purchase as adult or "recreational" customers.
  • Do I need to schedule an appointment to visit?
    Nope, come on by! All visits to 3rd Street Dispensary will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Do you usually have a wait?
    Typically, no. Dispensary traffic tends to come in waves. Do not let a line deter you! We are dedicated to your exceptional service and ensure a fully staffed team to provide you a thorough, un-rushed experience with minimal wait (if any!).
  • Can a visitor come with me?
    Yes, you are welcome to have a visitor accompany you when you come to our dispensary. FYI — they must be at least 18 years old, and will need to present a valid, government-issued ID card (a driver’s license is perfect!) when they check in at the front desk with you.
  • Are there perks to being a repeat customer?
    Definitely! 3rd Street Dispensary has a loyalty program. We hope that you enjoy your 3SD experience and want to continue coming back to our dispensary. And if you do, we want to reward you for that! As a loyal patient/guest, you will earn points with every purchase that you can redeem for savings or other 3SD goodies.
  • What services does your dispensary offer?
    In addition to amazing customer service by our Budtenders in person at 3rd Street, we also offer Express Pickup and Delivery options. You can learn more about these services here!
  • Is 3rd Street Dispensary hiring?
    We are always interested in accepting your contact for Team 3SD. You may submit your information through our application portal at any time for future consideration. Due to the high volume of applicants/interest, we appreciate your patience with us and prolonged response times. Please know that if you do not receive an immediate response, we are not ignoring you. We also ask that you please refrain from submitting multiple applications. Thank you! Click here to be directed to our application portal.
  • Why do you have armed security on site?
    Because marijuana is still scheduled as a Schedule I Drug, we cannot accept debit or credit cards as payment. This leads to increased cashflow on the premises and we want to do our part to protect you — and us — at all times at 3rd Street Dispensary. We fully recognize that marijuana users are typically harmless. It's the cash robbers that put us at risk — ha! We're not afraid of our patients/guests.
  • What are your prices?
    We work hard to keep our online menu updated in real time. Regulations prohibit us from advertising prices, so any specials or promotions going on will not always be shared on our social media pages. See the Menu Showcase section of our homepage for that! Or you can view our menu now to see what we have in store.
  • Does your dispensary offer any discounts?
    Yes. As part of our mission to Live Life Good, we want to help make marijuana more affordable and accessible. Acts of Service - 5% off For active military members and veterans, local first responders and patient-facing healthcare workers, educators, and Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce members. Medical Supplementation - 10% off On a fixed income? We get it. This discount is for eligible Medicare or MO HealthNet/Medicaid recipients, and automatically applies for medical marijuana card holders. If you are associated with multiple of the aforementioned groups — we thank you — but discounts cannot be combined. Must show valid form of identification at time of purchase to verify discount eligibility.
  • What payment methods are accepted at 3rd Street Dispensary?
    CASH or ATM 3SD GIFT CARD PAYTENDER NEW - PIN DEBIT CARDS* There are complicated banking challenges that come with medical marijuana that prohibit the use of credit cards for your purchase. Forget to bring your cash or need more to cover your total? No problem! There is an ATM available for use at the dispensary. Paytender is an alternate payment option for 3rd Street Dispensary patients/guests — "the cashless way to pay." By using this method, you will be able to conveniently and safely pay for your items by a QR code scan, linked to your debit card or bank account. No fees for use when Paytender is linked to your bank account, comparable fees to an ATM when it is linked to your debit card. Help us make contactless payments the new normal in the cannabis industry. Sign up for an account at *Debit cards only and they must be used with a pin to purchase. Credit cards are not accepted at this time.
  • What do you have in stock?
    We work hard to keep our online menu updated in real time. Due to regulations, specials or promotions cannot be shared on our social media pages. See the Menu Showcase section of our homepage for that! Or you can view our menu now to see what we have in store. We recommend signing up for our VIP Text Club so that you can get first news when new products arrive at our dispensary!
  • Do you sell seeds?
    When our growers make them available, we will too. In the meantime, sometimes you might get lucky and find a seed in your flower. If you're in the dispensary, be sure to ask one of our budtenders so we can ask our suppliers about seed availability on your behalf!

Have a question that you don't see answered here? Reach out to us today and let us know!

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