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Assistant Manager

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Shift Supervisor

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Brody Burgdorf

General Manager

Brody is the general manager at 3SD. He’s an animal lover, an all-around good guy, and most importantly to you, he’s primarily credited for our marijuana selection and education. He loves everything marijuana – inspecting, purchasing, researching, growing, consulting, and talking.


Brody is a quiet man, a man of few words, until you start talking shop (as in pot). This passion fed and continually nurtures his knowledge (and others) of marijuana.

Brody is life-long cannabis lover, first discovering the benefits in adolescence. As if the challenges of adolescence aren’t enough, throw in OCD and anxiety, and sprinkle in some common undesired effects of Rx drugs on top of it. It was a lot to deal with. In looking for a change, Brody discovered marijuana and quickly appreciated it, helping transform his ‘analyzing’ personality into something functional rather than debilitating, paralyzing, or personality suppression.

When Brody isn’t working at 3SD, you’ll likely find him with his dog, playing and enjoying strategy-based video games (explains his love for Bridge in the 3rd grade), or busy nurturing his ‘crops’, researching marijuana, and listening to cannabis-based podcasts. (We told you – everything marijuana!)

Needless to say, 3SD feels lucky to have him and know him.


Alex Baker

Dispensary Manager

Born and raised in Independence, Alex is a true KC native! He’s also lived in St. Joseph and north Kansas City. When Alex isn’t at work, you’ll likely find him spending time with his dogs, Ruger and Berretta, or his rabbits, Alfredo and Derby. He enjoys going out to eat, and playing something like pool or darts, board games, and card games. He also loves to find a good movie or show to watch — preferring sitcom tv and horror/thriller films.


Even though he was once a D.A.R.E. camp and program graduate (lol), ever since he was 14, Alex has considered himself a fascinated, passionate marijuana advocate. “I told myself one day it would be legal and I would end up with a career in this field. 12 years later here we are!” His favorite part of the job is that to him, it never gets old. Things are always changing and so there’s always an opportunity to learn something new. And he really loves getting to meet all the awesome dogs that come in.

What's something Alex REALLY can't get enough of? Gummies from 3rd Street Dispensary!! Bring your pup the next time you visit 3SD and say hi to Alex! Just ask, and he'll tell you what his latest faves are in stock.


Amber Holden

Shift Supervisor

One of the original budtenders when 3rd Street opened for Medical Marijuana in 2020, Amber has worked her way up into management. Amber is known for her happy and uplifting attitude and love for plant medicine so much so that she will tell you herself; “Marijuana saved my life!

With a background in customer service and accounting, Amber is well known for her welcoming and easy-to-talk-to personality. As a sufferer of chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, and anxiety and depression — Amber continues seeking more knowledge to help people find a better way to live life not just survive it.  In Amber's own words: “I love talking about marijuana and how amazing it truly is. To show people that we are not just a bunch of pot heads, but smart, functioning, working people living our best lives!”


Courtney Cottle

Assistant Manager

Courtney is driven by a deep love for science, medicine, and the profound healing potential found in the natural world. With an unwavering belief in the therapeutic properties of cannabis and other plant-based medicine, they have immersed themselves in the field to contribute to the well-being and enlightenment of others.

Courtney has always had a fascination with the wonders of science. This passion led them to pursue a career in the cannabis industry, where they have studied and applied their scientific knowledge to understanding cannabis as a powerful medicinal resource. They firmly believe that through research, education, and responsible use, cannabis can help transform lives and alleviate suffering.

Beyond their passion for science, Courtney holds a profound respect for the ancient wisdom and knowledge surrounding the healing properties of plants. Inspired by the exploration of psychedelics and the Earth's natural medicines, they recognize the immense potential for these substances to facilitate personal growth, healing, and a deeper connection with the world around us. 


Ashley Smithson

Community Engagement Manager

Authenticity. It is that word that Community Engagement Manager, Ashley Smithson, defines her life. Without it, everything fails. Relationships, communication, and even marketing campaigns. Authentically human includes a level of honesty some might cringe at, but Ashley can’t help herself. An open book is how anyone that knows her would describe her. You don’t have to wonder what she’s thinking about…she’ll tell you!

Following college, Ashley leveraged her openness and desire to reach people in internship writing stories for KSHB 41-Action News; crafting legislative updates for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce; running the stadium tour and tailgate programs for the Kansas City Chiefs; designing marketing content for Grain Valley High School and MSHSAA’s Activities Director, and now creating content for 3rd Street Dispensary in Lee’s Summit.

Accepting the Community Engagement Manager role with 3SD has allowed her to combine her passion for the psychology and sociology of marketing with her love of cannabis. Finding cannabis as a teenager to ease the symptoms of PTSD and anxiety, Ashley had a personal connection to the medicinal properties of the plant in addition to a historical connection given that her father was a Vietnam Veteran that illegally obtained and consumed cannabis to treat his PTSD in the 1970s including spending 2 years in federal prison on possession and sales charges.


Having the opportunity to work to break the stigma against the plant was her primary focus in re-entering the workforce following starting a family. Being out and proud about her cannabis use and support is one way she hopes to break that stigma and work towards a more inclusive future for all.

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