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Are you the primary caregiver for a loved one who would like to use medical marijuana to address their health concerns? Applying for a medical marijuana patient caregiver card may be the right option for you.

Why should I apply to be a medical marijuana patient caregiver? 

There are many different reasons why a medical marijuana patient may not be able to visit a dispensary on their own. They may be a minor, disabled, hospitalized, or have mobility or transportation challenges. Regardless of the reason, as a designated caregiver for them, you have the legal right to possess, purchase, and transport cannabis products for use by a qualified patient. Similar to that of a patient I.D. card, a caregiver card allows you access to medical marijuana dispensaries and their products for shopping the various solutions that can address your loved one's needs. 

Who qualifies as a primary caregiver?

According to the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, the term "Primary Caregiver" is defined as an individual 21 years of age or older who has significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a qualifying patient.

What are the steps to apply?

When a qualified medical marijuana patient wishes to name you as their primary caregiver, the process is relatively simple: 


holding hands

Please note: The patient will receive this number upon approval of their application, and will begin with "PAT." 

  • After registering, you can complete an application by logging into the Complia portal. Upon login, click on “Create Application” and “New Caregiver Registration”.

Please note: There is a $28 fee to submit the application. This fee is subject to MO DHSS regulations and may change from year to year. As Missouri medical marijuana regulations continue to change, be sure to check the MO DHSS website for the most accurate information.

Qualifying Missouri medical marijuana patients can designate up to two caregiver's. The patient must be licensed and caregiver(s) must be licensed as well.

How many caregivers is a patient allowed to designate?

How many patients can a medical marijuana caregiver have?  

Qualifying caregivers are allowed to have up to three medical marijuana patients they can legally provide care for.

I've finished all of the steps.

Now what?

Once you've applied and paid your fees, the DHSS has 30 days to approve or deny the application. If approved, your caregiver card will be available via the online portal.

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