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meet the annens

Tom & Cheryl

Tom Annen & Cheryl Annen outside of 3rd Street Dispensary

We have been in the restaurant business for 42+ years. Little did we know when we began as a cook (Tom) and a host (Cheryl) that we'd grow into ownership and franchising 29 restaurants in Missouri at our peak. Whew — we get tired just thinking about it!

Our love story began there, too. The restaurant business has been good for our family. We have a beautifully blended family with three (now adult) children spread out all over the place. There's nothing we love more than when our schedules align and allow us time together.

A large part of our success in the restaurant business over the years — aside from good, old-ffashioned hard work — has been due to our dedication to public health, our employees, and the local community. Throughout the application process for 3rd Street Dispensary, we identified many parallels between our hopeful medical marijuana business and the one we knew so well. Including working hand-in-hand with the MO DHSS Health Department through facility inspections, SOP execution, and training our employees and management.


"All in all, the dispensary business is very similar to the restaurant business. It's just a different menu."

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