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It's a good idea to check in on yourself sometimes, and that means checking in on how your mind, body and emotions are feeling.

When battling a disease like cancer, it's easy to forget it's not just physical ailments that need attention, but also the spirit and the mind. We have put together some recommendations for starting a self-care routine. 


For those who enjoy flower, we think Wedding Cake is a great strain. In fact, we put it up against patient favorites Bubba Fett and White 99 in terms of potency and effect. It's a heavier Indica and it has the potential to hit some people a little harder. Patients love the body-centering, relaxing wave of calm that washes over them when inhaling Wedding Cake. It's also tasty! Known to be great for anxiety relief.

Honeybee Gumdrops are really special. They are available in very unique flavor combinations (like Black Cherry Cola and Mango Chili), they are soft and easy to chew and the doses are small enough that you could enjoy some relief throughout the day and still be very functional. We love these gumdrops!

Amend Lotion is our go-to for very fast relief of an achy body. It works extremely quickly, smells great and does not affect your thinking or clarity. In other words, you won't feel high or even a bit spacey (unless you normally are!).

If you haven't tried ECO Therapy CBD vapes, what are you waiting for? These taste terrific and provide a maintainable level of relief day or night. You may also consider one of these if you need a placebo while quitting smoking

Remember: inhalation works quickly for faster relief; edibles take a while to kick in but can keep the feelings going for longer

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About 3rd Street Dispensary

3rd Street Dispensary is a locally-owned, family-operated medical marijuana dispensary located just a few blocks west of beautiful downtown Lee’s Summit, Missouri, focused on educating both patients and the public on the health benefits of the medicinal use of marijuana.


Whether you’re 21, 91, marijuana experienced or not, you’ll feel welcome, comfortable, and informed at 3SD. Founded by local Lee’s Summit neighbors, we are proud to bring this industry to the community we love and positively impact the lives of those in it. It’s our mission to help you feel good and be well so you can “Live Life Good.”




Curious to know how medical marijuana may interact with other medications you're taking?


We have COMPLIMENTARY pharmacist consultation

hours available at 3rd Street Dispensary! No appointment necessary.

Tuesdays 11AM - 3PM & Thursdays 3PM-7PM 

If you're interested in speaking with Jude, we suggest calling to confirm her availability to meet prior to your visit.



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